Arabs Without God: Introduction

PART ONE: Roads to disbelief

1: Denying God, subverting society
2: Atheism in Arab history
3: God’s own book
4: Fear of disbelief
5: Losing their religion
6: Atheism, gender and sexuality
7: Godless on the internet

PART TWO: Protecting the faith
8: The privileges of religion
9: Once a Muslim, always a Muslim
10: The right to offend, shock and disturb
11: A taste of freedom?
12: Atheism and Islamophobia
13: A question of tolerance


ARABS, in popular imagination, are assumed to be Muslims and potential religious fanatics. The reality is a lot more complex. Islam is far from monolithic and has many strands: Sunni, Shia, Salafi, Wahhabi, Zaidi, Sufi, Alawi, Ibadi, Isma’ili and others. Nor are Arabs necessarily Muslims. There are millions of Arab Christians, plus smaller numbers of Druze, Yazidis, Mandaeans and Jews.

Comments about Arabs Without God

  • “Arabs Without God is an even-handed and sober exploration of its subject.”
    Steve Royston, 59 Steps
  • “This book is for believers and non-believers alike.”
    Youssef Aly, reader
  • “Well written and informative.”
    @Blindopolis on Twitter
  • “If you’re thinking about the Middle East and you haven’t read Arabs Without God, you’re doing it wrong.”
    Matthew Teller, journalist and travel writer
  • “Finally somebody who talks about something else while everybody talks sectarianism and fundamentalism.”
    @donatelladr on Twitter
  • “Acute and entertaining commentary on science versus fundamentalism.”
    Andrew Brown, writer, journalist, Orwell Prize winner
  • “Whitaker’s balanced exploration of the Arab world’s new wave of atheism is well-researched and supported by numerous first-hand interviews.”
    Jamila El-Gizuli, Muftah

Reviews of Arabs Without God

Muftah — 19 November 2014


Visão magazine (Portugal) — 12 February 2015

Former Middle East editor of the Guardian. Website: Author of 'Arabs Without God'.

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