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  • Kate Starbird

    Kate Starbird

    Associate Professor of Human Centered Design & Engineering at UW. Researcher of crisis informatics and online rumors. Aging athlete. Army brat.

  • Seth Abramson

    Seth Abramson

    Attorney; professor at UNH; freelance journalist (Washington Post, Dallas Morning News, and others).

  • Shabina Khatri

    Shabina Khatri

    Journalist, editor, story-teller.

  • Nex


    Senior Technologist at Amnesty International

  • Rime Allaf

    Rime Allaf

  • David Shariatmadari

    David Shariatmadari

    Sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before Brexit, er breakfast

  • Kamal Fizazi

    Kamal Fizazi

    Activist/lawyer/policy wonk on: human rights, equality & equity, diversity & inclusion, democracy & justice, gender, sexuality, & HIV. RT ≠ endorsement.

  • Piers Scholfield

    Piers Scholfield

    BBC News Europe Producer & citizen of the world. Will travel. Opinions are mine.

  • James Miller

    James Miller

    Managing Editor @interpreter_mag. Author of @rferl's Under The Black Flag. Russia & Syria analyst. Liveblogging pioneer. Personal account

  • Lissnup


    For: equality, freedom, peace, privacy, respect, truth. Against: arrogance, greed, hypocrisy, ignorance, intolerance, lies, violence - including self-harm, war.

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