Qatar in the crosshairs — but where will it end?

Qatar’s emir is now an outcast in the Gulf, yet little more than two weeks ago Donald Trump declared him a friend and was hoping to sell him “lots of beautiful military equipment”.

Actions against Qatar

  • Diplomatic and consular relations with Qatar are suspended.
  • Qatar’s only land border (with Saudi Arabia) is to be closed.
  • Saudi Arabia and Egypt (and possibly others) are closing their airspace to Qatari civil aviation.
  • Qataris in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the UAE must leave within two weeks.
  • All travel to Qatar by Saudis, Emiratis and Bahrainis is prohibited.
  • Qatar, which had contributed about 1,000 troops to the war in Yemen, is expelled from the Saudi-led coalition.

Saudi-Emirati demands

  • Stop interfering in the internal affairs of the Gulf States and Arab countries
  • Stop incitement through Qatari media channels
  • Halt naturalising any more citizens from other Gulf States
  • Stop incitement against Egypt through its policies
  • Stop supporting the Muslim Brotherhood Islamist group
  • Removal of persons who are hostile to other GCC countries from Qatar’s territories, especially members of the Muslim Brotherhood

Will Qatar surrender?

Scope for a compromise deal?

A Gulf Non-cooperation Council?

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