Last November “Professor” Joseph Mifsud emerged as a key figure in the Trump/Russia affair — a middleman who provided George Papadopoulos, one of Trump’s foreign policy advisers, with Russian contacts and told him the Russians had “dirt” on Hillary Clinton in the form of “thousands of emails”.

Maltese-born Mifsud, who has since disappeared, is a puzzling figure — an active networker who had multiple links to universities and other “educational” bodies but appears to have done little academic work himself.

Since Mifsud’s role in the American election came to light I have written more than a dozen articles investigating his many connections — especially in Britain and Russia. For the convenience of readers I have compiled links to all the articles here:

George Papadopoulos: the Israel connection
24 August 2018

What George Papadopoulos did before joining the Trump campaign: a chronology
24 August 2018

Saudis, Russians and Italians: the murky world of Joseph Mifsud
25 Mar 2018

How Saudi anti-terrorism almost brought Trump and mystery ‘professor’ Mifsud together
1 Mar 2018

Joseph Mifsud, key figure in Trump-Russia affair, attended meeting at Elysée Palace in France
21 Feb 2018

Email undermines Joseph Mifsud’s claims about his role in Trump-Russia affair
31 Dec 2017

Putin’s admirer at the Middle East Law Conference
27 Dec 2017

The Trump-Russia affair and a conference in Morocco
24 Dec 2017

To Russia with love: the travels of Joseph Mifsud
20 Nov 2017

Salient facts: The tangled web around Joseph Mifsud
19 Nov 2017

Trump/Russia affair: the mystery ‘professor’ and 37,000 company shares
17 Nov 2017

Trump/Russia affair: MP gave lecture at Mifsud’s academy
16 Nov 2017

College linked to Trump/Russia affair covers its tracks
13 Nov 2017

College chums: another academic link in the Mifsud puzzle
12 Nov 2017

Confirmed: Boris Johnson did meet middle-man in Trump/Russia affair
11 Nov 2017

The George Papadopoulos file: a timeline
10 Nov 2017

The Trump-Russia affair and an odd company in London
6 Nov 2017

Former Middle East editor of the Guardian. Website: Author of 'Arabs Without God'.

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